is indeed exclusively for rental properties only.

As many as you would like; there is no maximum per user.

No, it does not cost anything to list your rental as a regular listing.  If you were to want to list your rental as a featured property, then there would be a cost.

To upgrade a regular listing to a featured listing it costs $9.95. Featured listing is valid for 7 days which begins as soon as your package is upgraded.

To upgrade a regular listing to a featured listing, one would need to upgrade their package.  This is located in “My Profile” under”My Account” and locate the section “Change Your Package”.  Once package has been upgraded, navigate to “My Properties” select the property you want to set as a featured and click on “Make this a Featured Property” via the star button.

Absolutely, once a property’s status has been changed to “rented” the property is no longer active, but is still part of your profile.  That way once the lease is up and it’s time to post it up for rent again, one needs to change the property status back to “rent” if its a residential property or “lease” if its a commercial property and your property will be on the marked for renting again.

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